IBIM™‘s current and future-state analysis will help enterprises with building a transformation plan to bridge the gap between the current and future state.

IBIM™‘s Transformation plan establishes the guidelines necessary for building the proposed BI structures and related technologies.

IBIM™’s transformation plan includes:

  • High-level perspective, with detail being added to the plan as you progress forward.
  • Actionable steps, i.e., establish governance and processes, set the conceptual, logical, and physical architecture, establish the infrastructure outline, develop information delivery projects, and incorporate information needs.
  • Information needs of users, how users want to receive and consume the information.
  • Plan to account for the capacity, performance, data quality, data security, metadata control, data retention policies, etc.
  • Criteria and plan for test data selection, capacity planning, scalability of the BI solutions, high-level testing plans and overview of unit, integration, performance, and user testing.
  • High-level process issues, such as refresh rates, capacity plan, backup, recovery, archive, workflow, and security.
  • Iterations testing before rollout.
  • Consideration for BI implementation time frame, prioritization of individual BI projects, and resource availability.