The Challenge

The explosive growth of internet use fosters the development of new technologies; the need to meet customer expectations, shorten production cycles, and automatic data processing drives their adoption. The information industry’s ability to respond to these changes has been stymied by the technical limitations of online publishing systems not build for information commerce.

In the midst of all this change, the new off-the-shelf publishing technology does not really meet the demands of information commerce. Content management, server, and security software were designed for information distribution, not information commerce.

As a result, the information industry, whose livelihood depends on sale of content, has been forced to use imperfectly suited software or custom-written, which is expensive to build, modify and maintain.

The Need

The need for a set of off-the-shelf information commerce tools that incorporate the logic behind the sale of content has been incepted by Infer. iSecure™ is the result – designed to make it easy to sell and license the content into complex, changing and improperly defined user communities that are the reality of information commerce.

The Product Overview

iSecure™, a product of Infer, is an Authentication Management solution focused on the unique needs of the user community. It provides user access control to different resources based on the enterprise’s business model. iSecure™ is designed to be platform independent so that it is flexible, scalable. Uses open standards to ensure ease of integration with company’s existing applications and information.

Use Cases

iSecure™ provides a single abstracted solution to the full range of complex licenses used by publishers. iSecure™ provides users with different licenses like free, pay-per-view, periodical, group, organization, and trial subscription licenses based on the business requirements of the company or organization. These licenses link users/groups to the resources and provide the desired access control. Access can be provided to different resources/products to different users at different prices based on the business model of the company.

Organization licenses are given to institutions, universities, companies etc. The users in the organization will have access to the information.

Trial licenses may be given for a day, a week or two. The users will register using a registration form and will be given access for a limited period based on the information they provide during registration.

Subscription licenses are given to users who subscribe to a particular publication, journal or magazine. Users will be restricted from all other information. Allow free searches and abstracted results of a database, but charge accordingly for each view (pay-per-view) for the full document. Users from certain organizations or users who have purchased a premium package can view the text for less price or have a permanent license to that data based on the price described by the company

iSecure™ allow access control based on several criteria:
  • Username/password-level access authorization.
  • Rejection or acceptance of connections based on the user domain
  • A combination of the above two methods. This comes into play when access has to be provided for a specific user or group within a company or organization.
Features & Benefits
  • Provide the ability and power to market and sell content
  • Automatic user authentication
  • Admin tools for administrative tasks
  • Fast and efficient retrieval of relevant information
  • Better organization of content into categories based on the subscriptions
  • Can be customized and extended to user requirements
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Price optimization
  • Easy to deploy and use
  • Prevent security risks
  • Management of accounts
  • Online and automatic renewal of subscriptions
  • Flexible licensing