Global Agile

With Global Agile, part of the development team is on-site, working closely with decision-makers and business users to carefully manage requirements over the course of an enterprise project. The other part of the team works off-site. Off-site team members have the same deep technology skills and core practices as their counterparts back home. This co-located approach provides organizations with the ability to minimize risks on highly complex projects while leveraging the global economics of remote development.

An increasing number of companies are looking to realize the economic advantages of offshore development. Infer delivers affordable business solutions through global software development. We think we are able do this better than most because of our Global Delivery Model.

Based on our own experience – and the assessments by leading industry analysts – our position is that standard offshore development approaches are best suited to traditional maintenance and system evolution projects where requirements are static and extremely well-documented.

Today’s enterprise class software projects, however, are increasingly complex. Business users require shorter, more frequent delivery cycles. Team members need constant visibility into project status. This explains why traditional offshore approaches to enterprise class projects often deliver short-term cost savings at the expense of system quality, time-to-market, and project risk.

Infer’s Global Delivery Model complements exceptional quality, risk management, and project visibility with the frequent software releases that are essential to success on complex enterprise projects. Our model leverages Infer’s off-shore resources, including our advanced development center in India. Perhaps the most significant point of differentiation for our Global Delivery Model is our ability to leverage Distributed Agile: an agile development approach we engineered to specifically address the needs of distributed teams that span time zones.