BI aligning with enterprise strategy to deliver value
  • Making the best use of information for strategic, tactical, and operational needs.
  • Help business in building BI strategy with longterm planning.
  • Help middle management with tactical reporting, and help operations with day-today decision making to run the business efficiently.
  • Determine the scope by the business drivers and business goals.
  • Account for the changing business requirements to keep the BI strategy aligned with business.
  • Include a broad set of processes, technologies, and stakeholders for collecting, integrating, accessing, and analyzing information for the purpose of helping enterprise make better business decisions.
  • Establish a BI vision to ensure that implementation of specific components fits in the overall BI strategy.
  • States and document the needs as identified by the stakeholders,highlighting how BI fits into the broaderenterprise vision.
  • Takes into consideration appropriate framework, methodology, processes, governance, systems, and technology to deliver value that aligns with the business objectives and priorities.