Think big, start small, and Deliver Value

IBIM™ iterative approach to implement BI vision works better than the approach of bigbang BI deployment.

IBIM™ ensures

  • Iterations to be focused and well defined to address specific business requirements.
  • Iterations should be assimilated into the long-term implementation of the BI enterprise.
  • Iterations are driven by specific requirements but guided by the broader, enterprise-wide roadmap.
  • To prioritize the iterations according to business needs leading to the valuebased implementation plan.
  • To identify parallel development tracks such as data integration (back-end processing), reporting (front-end information delivery), data governance (establishment of governance body, policy, and processes), and metadata repository tracks (data navigation tool for information lineage, impact analysis, and business definitions), while keeping in mind the interdependency of these tracks.
  • To adopt development in parallel development tracks where multiple steps can be performed simultaneously and multiple activities within the steps can occur at the same time.