IBIM™ components are largely driven by the overall business goals, scope, and objectives of enterprise BI initiatives.

IBIM™ BI strategy helps
  • Enterprise achieve business objectives.
  • Enable better decision making to enable better business performance.
  • Lead to better process management in the enterprise.
  • Aligns with the enterprise goals, improves knowledge management, and advances business by making the best use of information.
  • Enables BI penetration into the business processes.
  • Helps enterprise with strategic,tactical, and operational decision making.
  • Helps enterprise to identify KPIs that are extensively used to evaluate the state of business.
  • IBIM™ identified KPIs provide insight into the critical success factors of the enterprise and help the enterprise in measuring the progress.
  • IBIM™ identified KPIs provide highlevel, well-defined quantifiable measurements based on preestablished criteria.
  • IBIM™ identified KPIs will be designed to measure the performance against the targets. KPIs are not performance targets but are a mechanism to assist you in moving the enterprise to the desired state.
  • IBIM™ uses KPIs to gauge the current state of the business and relate it to the enterprise objective and help business come up with a course of action to get to the target state of business.