Broad overview of how different components of your BI strategy fit together to serve your entire BI vision.

Brings together the forces that drive business operations: people, processes, and technology in a collaborative environment.

Highlights high-level business drivers for the BI initiative, business need for BI, and its link to broader enterprise strategy.

Framework for setting the business context, high-level scope, overall objective, what is intended to be achieved, the intended enterprise-wide coverage of the BI strategy, and the criteria of success.

You should understand that a smart BI framework involves connecting together BI, business processes, collaborative applications, and their underlying data stores.
The IBIM™ framework further enhances the integration with

  • Business planning systems,
  • Supports knowledge management
  • Business processes
  • Performance management technologies, and
  • Users.

BI strategy should have a comprehensive approach in describing the current and future behavior of the processes, technology, people, and other components to ensure that they align with the goals and strategic direction of the enterprise. IBIM™ helps you in connecting these pieces together.

IBIM™ BI framework brings together

Data governance, Data architecture, Technical architecture, Data integration, Data quality, Enduser information delivery, and Data security to empower the BI initiatives.


Provide means to connect significant components that are part of your overall BI vision. Establish BI competency center or center of excellence to help in integrating BI best practices with the on-going BI work and the BI environment of the enterprise.