Discuss and document the current information systems, technology, processes, and governance procedures being used.

Analyze organization’s current BI utilization, which includes a complete inventory of all platforms, technologies, and tools being used to develop and deliver BI content.

Analyze current users, user profiles, and how users have been using information.

Document current processes, structures for managing information.

Analyze reports that users are currently receiving with respect to information in a format that allows them to make the best use of BI resources.

Analyze existing governance procedures and processes for data management to ensure proper definition and quality of the data.

By documenting current BI maturity model, IBIM™ enhances the capability to identify the problem areas, which helps in coming up with solution definitions. It is also useful to determine the BI readiness of the enterprise. It is easy to fill in the gaps once you define the issues that need to be addressed and have a clear vision of the overall objectives and the direction to get to the future state.